What is an ML Model Registry?

Introduction to the ML Model Registry In the rapidly changing landscape of machine learning, where having large volumes of high-performing models is the backbone of innovative production solutions, a robust, secure, and accessible infrastructure is essential to managing and organizing your ML teams‘ work. Enter the ML model registry. A model registry is both the […]

A Gentle Introduction to Time Series Analysis & Forecasting

What would you do if you knew what the future would look like? That answer might be “buy bitcoin in 2017” for some people. Or for retailers, that answer could be “stocking up on toilet paper or silicon chips in 2019”. Whatever your answer is, we can agree that having information about the future would […]

Intro to MLOps: Machine Learning Experiment Tracking

Imagine you are trying to develop a recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies. After the first try, you might increase the amount of flour. One time, you might add more chocolate chips. Another time you might try it with some walnuts. In the end, you might have tried a dozen recipes, but which was […]

Intro to MLOps: Hyperparameter Tuning

Introduction While the ingredients of a recipe play an important role, the instructions are just as important. Whether you bake a batch of cookies at 160°C for 20 minutes or at 180°C for 12 minutes can make a huge difference with the same ingredients. So what does this have to do with machine learning (ML)? […]

Intro to MLOps: Data and Model Versioning

Version Control Systems

In software engineering, it’s common practice to use version control to keep track of changes, ensure traceability and enable collaboration. But version control isn’t just useful in software development – it’s vital in machine learning (ML). Instead of only versioning source code, we also need to version data and models, which are important artifacts in […]

Understanding LLMOps: Large Language Model Operations

It feels like the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT has opened Pandora’s box of large language models (LLMs) in production. Not only does your neighbor now bother you with small talk about artificial intelligence, but the machine learning (ML) community is talking about yet another new term: “LLMOps.” LLMs are changing the way we build and […]